From small beginnings comes greatness

NGY Express is the forefront of electronics recycling, serving everyone from the local community, government agencies, and most importantly, the environment. We have 14,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and retail space ready to accommodate your needs.

​From small beginnings comes greatness. We started our business from the living room of our house, then the garage, then the backyard. During that time, the repair shop came to be when we were tinkering with old computers and soldering irons and we noticed that too much good materials were been destroyed when it can be reused. Eventually, we grew out of it and acquired our first warehouse for recycling; after that, we exploded into providing services to the entire valley. During our boom, our repair services became at high request. We hired fresh graduates from the local community college, and still do to this day. We will continue our greatness that is NGY Express until there is nothing left to recycle.